Ada Lovelace day recently inspired me to think more broadly about diversity in technology. While there are a lot of resources on women in technology, I feel less attention is given to people of color and transgender people in technology. One easy way to get started being more active on diversity in tech issues is […]

If you follow me on twitter (and I hope you do!) @mflongshore, you may have noticed that a number of my recent messages have been marked ‘LIVE on Periscope.’ Well, that’s right, you guessed it, I’m broadcasting daily on Periscope. Tune in every day between 3-5pm PT (somewhere in there; I don’t broadcast for 2 […]

Did you attend Dreamforce ’15, live or virtually? Do you want to make as much social change as possible using Salesforce? Great, you’ve come to the right place! Get out your pen and paper and follow along as we draft our goals together for how we are going to implement all of the amazing, yet […]

So, let’s just say (safe harbor) that you’re preparing to release a completely new Salesforce User Interface to your users. Let’s name it Lightning. What can you do to make sure that new UI is loved and embraced by all of your users? Make sure it gets used, of course! And how can you do […]

As a nonprofit Salesforce consultant, I have intentionally avoided using Salesforce custom code solutions in my clients’ instances, including Apex and Visualforce. The reason: I didn’t want to build anything my clients couldn’t easily maintain on their own at a reasonable cost. I take the build, buy, or customize decision seriously, and luckily for nonprofits many […]

Going to Dreamforce? Great, I’ll see you there! To start your adventure off on the right foot, do these three things by Monday: 1. Determine your Dreamforce goals. Do you want to learn about Custom Report Types? Do you want to meet with vendors of event management apps on the Expo floor? Need to boost […]

Salesforce validation rules have been on my mind recently, especially as I’ve been continuing to study some of my favorite things: Essentialism (book report coming soon!) The Konmari method ( and Getting Things Done Some things these productivity methods and approaches to life have in common (basically) are: The KISS principle: Keep it simple, silly! […]

If you haven’t been a Salesforce Administrator for long, you might not be sure where to start to up your game. Maybe you can add fields and edit page layouts, but you want to do more. I started with formula fields, and they were my gateway drug to so many more great things that Salesforce […]

How’s your summer going? Mine is going awesome, thanks to earning my most recent Salesforce Trailhead badge at last week’s ELEVATE workshop at Salesforce HQ in San Francisco! Did you miss it? Don’t worry, there are dozens of ways you can boost your Salesforce success this summer with in person workshops and events, user group […]

Are you a Salesforce administrator, developer, user, or enthusiast with too many tasks on your hand and not enough hours in the day to accomplish them? Here are a few apps, tools, and tips to boost your Salesforce productivity so you can focus your time on what really matters. Can’t Live Without: Cirrus Insight. Since I […]