Monthly Archives: January 2015

5 reasons why I love Salesforce

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time for me to reflect on the one that’s held my heart most firmly since 2009: Salesforce. I know it sounds silly that this Software as a Service has changed my life, but it has, and here’s why: 1. It teaches me new things. I was not […]

How do you inspire nonprofit colleagues to enter data into Salesforce?

Salesforce is not magic. There will still need to be some data entry done by the staff after implementation. It is, after all, a database with lots and lots of fields that need to be filled somehow. I attended an awesome training by Idealware’s Laura Quinn for TAG that offered excellent tips on maintaining data quality, […]

How to Have Great Salesforce Virtual Meetings

Salesforce consultants (like me) often meet with clients virtually to save travel time and costs. But how can these meetings be effective? Try these tips: Use screen sharing software. Go to Meeting is what I use, and has a free version. Boost your bandwidth: use the phone, not the VOIP option, for crystal clear call quality. Have […]

Visual Guide to Free Salesforce Resources for Nonprofits

I’ve found a lot of great resources for nonprofit Salesforce users over the years, and even seen blog posts on the topic, but one challenge is how to find these resources. Here’s how to find a few of these great resources: 1. Join groups in the Power of Us Hub: Click ‘Power of Us Hub’ […]