Monthly Archives: April 2015

Find Your Salesforce Bliss with Trailhead

If you’ve met me, you probably know that one of my personal goals is to visit all of the National Parks. I have a National Park Service Passport, where I collect stamps every time I visit a new park, and I will drive up to 8 hours away when I go to a tech conference […]

3 Ways to Use Agile Project Management to Boost Salesforce Adoption

I hate buzzwords. While in business school, I developed a fondness for buzzword bingo. So when I first heard about ‘agile’ and ‘lean’ processes and software development, I was wary. But as I learned more, and saw how it could dramatically improve results and user adoption with Salesforce at the nonprofits I worked with, I […]

Take a Salesforce Break – You Deserve It!

Have you ever noticed that your best ideas come to you when you’re not working on Salesforce? For example, I often come up with great, unexpected solutions when I’m walking to the grocery store or gardening. Also, since Salesforce involves working with computers, it’s critical to rest your body throughout the day, even if you […]