Monthly Archives: May 2015

5 Questions for 5 Minute User Feedback

If you’re a busy nonprofit Salesforce administrator, developer, or consultant like me, you may be more comfortable creating new fields and planning what Dreamforce sessions to attend instead of consistently and thoroughly prioritizing user feedback. But listening to users is at the heart of what we do. Why? Salesforce is easy to customize to meet […]

The Surprise Behind your Weekly Data Export

In your nonprofit Salesforce admin toolkit, a weekly backup is a must. Although I completely trust Salesforce’s security to store your data, having a weekly backup makes me feel extra confident in case anything goes wrong on my side of the data equation. Here are some examples: I perform a major import of new data, […]

Best Salesforce Podcast for Nonprofits

Every nonprofit and foundation client I have here at Longshore Consulting has heard me talking about my favorite podcast, so I realized I should share it publicly, along with why listening to it will make your Salesforce life better. The best podcast for nonprofit Salesforce users, system administrators, consultants, and developers is Cloud Focus Weekly. Here […]