Best Salesforce Podcast for Nonprofits

Every nonprofit and foundation client I have here at Longshore Consulting has heard me talking about my favorite podcast, IMG_3636so I realized I should share it publicly, along with why listening to it will make your Salesforce life better.

The best podcast for nonprofit Salesforce users, system administrators, consultants, and developers is Cloud Focus Weekly. Here are 5 reasons why it’s worth your time:

1. It’s hysterical. Jason and Justin, the hosts, are friends (sometimes frenemies), and they are passionate about Salesforce while making fun of each other, Apple executives, and the world of cloud computing.

2. It will solve your problems. While on the go in the past two weeks alone, I heard great tips about loading data with special characters, using Drawloop at nonprofits for fancy charts,  and a new Summer ’15 Salesforce release Google Drive search integration feature. I shared these with three different nonprofit clients, and easily boosted my Salesforce skill set while being entertained.

3. It will keep you up to date on Salesforce news. Worried about Salesforce being sold? Want to know what iphone or Apple Watch to buy? These two have expert analysis and practical opinions.

4. It’s educational without being condescending. They dig deep into technical explanations in an accessible way so you can learn while commuting or walking the dog.

5. There is nonprofit content. Their recent episode, NGO Disconnect, was thoughtful and explained in detail how managed packages work.

Bonus reason: Jason picked the app I suggested to him as his #1 pick in a recent episode! Their Cloud Focus App Picks of the Week have hugely improved my productivity and life. What was the pick? Check out this episode to find out more.

What is your favorite Salesforce podcast? Let me know in the comments!



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