Nonprofit Salesforcers: Do these 3 Things by Monday!

Going to Dreamforce? Great, I’ll see you there! To start your adventure off on the right foot, do these three things by Monday:

1. Determine your Dreamforce goals. Do you want to learn about Custom Report Types? Do you want to meet with vendors of event management apps on the Expo floor? Need to boost your knowledge of Salesforce for Outlook?

Me, Chaaty, and SaaSy at DF14

Me, Chaaty, and SaaSy at DF14

2. Save sessions you want to attend in the Dreamforce portal (access by clicking ‘Help & Training’ — ‘Dreamforce’ when you’re logged in to Salesforce). This will help you to meet your goals (see #1), and help you when you’re bleary eyed on Monday morning (see #3).

A Saved DF15 Session!

A Saved DF15 Session!

3. Set your alarm clock! The agenda builder goes live on Monday. Typically this happens early, so I suggest you get up early and make it the first thing you do Monday morning so you can be sure to claim your seat in those coveted Hands on Training sessions and Circles of Success.

The Hub is Here to Help!

The Hub is Here to Help!

P.S. For extra credit, check out the Agenda Builder Demo and User Guide at the bottom of this blog post by #RoadtoDF15’s own Content Corner guru, Kurt Smith: ‘Agenda Builder: Dreamforce’s Secret Handshake



  1. Thanks Missy!

  2. Thanks Missy! I’m all ready for Monday.

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