I’m on a Scope!

If you follow me on twitter (and I hope you do!) @mflongshore, you may have noticed that a number of my recent Periscope logomessages have been marked ‘LIVE on Periscope.’

Well, that’s right, you guessed it, I’m broadcasting daily on Periscope. Tune in every day between 3-5pm PT (somewhere in there; I don’t broadcast for 2 hours) and I’ll give you great tips on:

  • Using Salesforce for social change
  • Getting Things Done (GTD) and other productivity fun
  • My goals to use GTD and the KonMari method every day through 12/31/15
  • Trailhead – let’s talk about it!

Just getting started with Periscope? That’s ok! Let’s answer a few basic questions:

What is Periscope?: It’s a free, live video streaming social media broadcasting app owned by Twitter. Learn more in the wikipedia article.

How can I use it to promote social change?: Great question! Showcasing what your nonprofit organization or foundation does with video is now easy, fun, and interactive with Periscope. Check out a few basic tips here by watching my scope on the topic: http://katch.me/mflongshore/v/f2f70d14-2046-37eb-b2b3-19c306d816ab

How can I get started?: Go to the iOS or Android stores on your phone or tablet and download the Periscope app. Set up your profile, then follow me @mflongshore, and click on the people icon to search or start following people you already follow on twitter. Then start scoping!

Why am I using Periscope?: Because it’s something new and fun, I love sharing what I’ve learned about Salesforce in the

It'll be a blast!

It’ll be a blast!

6 years I’ve been using it, and I have a repetitive stress injury (RSI) which makes scoping easier for me than writing long blog posts (I have pain in my arms that means I need to really limit my time at the computer).

Will I see you on Periscope?: I really hope so! It’s an exciting, intimate, and fun community building tool. I hope you’ll give it a try, find some scopes you like, and tell me about your adventures using Periscope!


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