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Post DF15 Success for Nonprofits

Did you attend Dreamforce ’15, live or virtually? Do you want to make as much social change as possible using Salesforce? Great, you’ve come to the right place! Get out your pen and paper and follow along as we draft our goals together for how we are going to implement all of the amazing, yet […]

Salesforce Release Prep for Nonprofits in 3 Easy Steps

Ahhhhhhhhhh! It’s *already* time for another Salesforce release??!? If you’re anything like me, you may struggle a bit to keep up with the increasing size and complexity of Salesforce’s three major releases a year. Summer ’15, for example, has over 225 new and improved features included. But fear not! With these three tips you can […]

3 Ways to Use Agile Project Management to Boost Salesforce Adoption

I hate buzzwords. While in business school, I developed a fondness for buzzword bingo. So when I first heard about ‘agile’ and ‘lean’ processes and software development, I was wary. But as I learned more, and saw how it could dramatically improve results and user adoption with Salesforce at the nonprofits I worked with, I […]